fredag 30 juli 2010

Liquid fashion

I have this thing with Diet Coke. I think it is the best drink ever. Zero calories, caffeine and a fresh and great taste! How can you resist..? And even though I'm well aware that the only thing in that bottle is artificial stuff I can't stop loving it. I don't drink coffee - just the occasional iced latte, I drink this instead and I don't think I'm the only one.

I think my addiction (??) is based on two things. First of all the drink itself but second I feel that it's the most "fashion" off all the non-alcoholic beverages out there. It looks better to hold a can of Diet Coke in your hand than anything else, maybe you can get away with something in the Vitamin Water-area but Diet Coke is the ultimate fahiondrink.

I found my Diet Coke pictureparadise here.

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